Peter Sandza
Known relatives
Year of birth
Year of death
Portrayed by
Kirk Douglas
Peter Sandza was portrayed by Kirk Douglas in The Fury.

Biography Edit

He was the father of Robin Sandza and a member of the CIA. His friend Childress, head of an extremely powerful CIA unit, kidnapped Robin and tried to kill him to make sure he would be completely in his grasp. He also filmed the attempt as part of a plan to increase the powers of Robin in the future making him believe on the way that he was dead for that purpose.

His attempt failed and since then he was doing everything to find his own son fighting Childress´men on the way, too. He also recruited Hester, who he loved too, for that purpose.

He inadvertently kills Hester, when he rescued Gillian from Childress´s organization in order to gain her help to find him through her abilities.

With Gillian´s help he finds his son, but Childress caused his death and Robin´s, when he realised that Robin had become useless for him through a manipulation in order to get rid of them both. However, Gillian avenged them both the next morning.

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