IMDb Rating
Psycho Cop
Directed By
Wallace Potts
Produced By

Jessica Rains

Cassian Elwes
Written By
Wallace Potts
Jeff Qualle
Linda West
Cindy Guyer
Dan Campbell
Robert R. Shafer
Palmer Lee Todd
Greg Joujon-Roche
Music By

Alex Parker

Keyth Pisani
Mark Walton
Editing By
Ian McVey

Produced By
Smoking Gun
Distributed By
Southgate Entertainment
Release Date(s)
November 28, 1989
87 minutes
Flag of the United States United States

Psycho Cop is a 1989 American horror film written and directed by Wallace Potts noted for its similarities to the previous year's Maniac Cop by William Lusting and Larry Cohen It was followed by a 1993 sequel entitled Psycho Cop 2.

Plot Edit

Six college students on their weekend vacation are humiliated and killed one by one by a psycho cop.

Cast Edit

  • Robert R. Shafer as Officer Joe Vickers/Gary Henley/Ted Warnicky
  • Jeff Qualle as Doug
  • Palmer Lee Todd as Laura
  • Dan Campbell as Eric
  • Cindy Guyer as Julie
  • Linda West as Sarah
  • Greg Joujon-Roche as Zack
  • Bruce Melena as Officer Bradley
  • Glenn Steelman as Officer Chris
  • Julie Araskog as Dead Woman
  • Denise Hartman as Barbara/Cop #3
  • David L. Zeisler as Greg/Cop #4

External links Edit

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