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Reece Wilson appeared as a survivour in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend and the 2000 slasher Urban Legends: Final Cut.

Did You see Anybody in the RoomEdit

Reece Wilson firstly began as a campus security guard in the first installment caught up in the killers and discovering the bloody remains of the victims of Brenda Bates.

Reece is also seen the second film again assisting and is the person who suggests to the film students to do a thesis on an Urban Legend serial killer which she lends advice to from being caught up in the shennagans of the first film.

Reece in the first film would be constantly bossed around by Dean Adams and had a disliking for him.

Reece is also a great fan of the Blaxpoitation grindhouse picture Coffy which she is seen watching in the first film when Natalie comes to her after Damon Brook's death.


Reece gets to finally reliver her favourite actresses gun slinger moments on the bad guy when she shoots Brenda and helps in stopping her from killing Natalie Simon.

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