The movie Resident Evil: Extinction takes place after the bombing of Raccoon City to take out all the B.O.W.'s that rampaged the poor town. Soon after the explosion happened the whole world slipped into chaos and another viral outbreak took place which crippled the United States population. The virus began to spread from one state to another then it went overseas to other third-world countries and after the virus spread the world began to die. Even in the movie Umbrella Corp. is now worldwide it's in places like Europe, Japan, Asia, South America, etc. Dr. Issacs makes yet another appearance when he is trying to take the T-Virus from Alices blood which has already bonded with the virus and make something a lot more powerful out of her blood. Throughout the movie you will see him watching his computer monitor observing the Alice he created going through a test simulation to see how much her blood becomes affective in her maneuvers. Each time an Alice specimen dies he always takes a sample of her blood while it's still warm. The enemies that Alice encounters in this movie is the Cerberus dogs( which are used by these worshippers of the Devil), some Umbrella Corp. operatives,the regular flesh-eating zombies, infected crows,and Dr. Isaacs in his mutated form. Dr. Isaacs escapes Alice's attack on his men and gets into a helicopter as soon as he boards the chopper a B.O.W. he created with Alices blood bites him on the arm, and the pilot shoots the zombie off of him. Dr. Isaacs cries out" Get me the Anti-Virus, I need the Anti-Virus!" Instead of poor old Dr. Isaacs using the Anti-Virus he uses the T-Virus which will cause massive mutation to occur, and that's when he transforms and kills everybody in his facility. Once Alice is in the Umbrella facility she notices bloody hand prints on the walls and she's wondering what happened there, so she begins to look around and notices the doorway to Dr. Isaacs room once she enters and looks around at the mess that lay before her she quickly turns around and notices the hologram of the little girl who works for Isaacs. She begins to explain how Alices blood bonded with the T-Virus and how it could be a cure and stop all of the massive killings, and how Dr. Isaacs injected all of the T-Virus samples in his body and had massive mutation because of it. Once Alice's clone killed Dr. Isaacs the other Alice started making copies of herself she later on appeared in front of Albert Wesker and the other leaders of Umbrella and notified them that she was going to come after them all and she was going to bring all of her friends.

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