Rick Hawkins
Year of death
Portrayed by
Shane Black
Rick Hawkins was played by Shane Black in Predator.

Biography Edit

Rick Hawkins was a member of Alan "Dutch" Schaefer's private military team, which was hired by the U.S. military and the CIA for a rescue mission in the Republic of Val Verde in 1987. Hawkins was the team's youngest member, radio operator and a perpetual comedian. While doing the mission, they discovered another team lead by a known leader called Hopper, who had been disemboweled and hung on a tree. After discovering later that their mission was a set-up to dupe them into eliminating the rebels and their advisors in the area, the squad came into contact with a Predator that stalked and killed the elite mercenaries one-by-one.

He was the first member of the team to be killed by the Predator, while he caught Anna who tried to flee from the team. Like Hopper, his corpse was then brutally disemboweled and hung on a tree.