Robert Gooden
[[Image:Bob Gooden|230px|]]
Known aliases Bob Gooden
Age Unknown

Robert Gooden is a North Carolina novelist, screenwriter, and film and television actor who has worked with Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood and Carol Burnett.

Biography Gooden first appeared in the made-for-TV movie The Young Country (1970) as 1st Player and in Vanished, the first Miniseries followed by multiple appearances in the wester series Alias Smith & Jones.

In 1972, he reoccurred in the  TV-show M*A*S*H* (1989) as Boone.

In 1983, Gooden had a lead role along with American actor Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood in the action/horror film Brainstorm (1983) as Agent Richard Ken Bennson the 2nd Agent.

In 1986, Gooden appeared along with fellow actors Emilio Estevez, and Pat Hingle in Stephen King's directorial debut film Maximum Overdrive as Barry. In that same year, he portrayed a mechanic in the TV-show Hunter (episode: true Confessions) and guest starred as Dupree on the TV series The Falll Guy (espisode: Cool Hand Colt) with Lee Majors.

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