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Ronnie White
Ronnie White
Known aliases: {{{known aliases}}}
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Known relatives: Deborah Myers(Girlfriend)
Year of birth: Unknown
Year of death: October 31, 1992
Signature weapon: N/A
First appearance: Halloween (2007)
Portrayed by: William Forsythe

Ronnie White was a minor character in the remake of Halloween and the boyfriend of Deborah Myers. He first appears in the remake of Halloween, played by William Forsythe in Rob Zombie's remake.


Ronnie is the abusive boyfriend of Deborah Myers and is particularly abusive towards her son, Michael 10 year old and Baby Angel 0 year old and 19 year old Judith. He is depicted as a lazy, abusive drunk who spends most of his time arguing with the family, as well as drinking. On Halloween 1992, He drinks once again and passes out while watching TV. While passed out, Michael ducktapes him to the chair and slits his throat using a large kitchen knife.

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