Sara Rachel Perry is a character of Trick 'r Treat and is one of the five trick-or-treaters and the rival of Tran Wu from Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid. She is played by Isabelle Deluce. Sara is the daughter of Carissa and Dave Perry. She is the older of four children and only biological child and has three younger adoptive siblings Julie, Joel and Marc and owns three pets: a dog Olivia, cat Lucky and bunny rabbit Jamie. Unable to escape, she is dragged away begging her friends to save her and killed by zombie kids when one of her friends Macy Rutherford screams in horror. She cannot reach the elevator because she is killed by zombies to her corpse after screaming her last line "Help me! Help me!".

Early Years Before Trick 'r' TreatEdit

Sara is best friends with other school bullies Macy, Schrader, Chip and Shredder and Jack Byron. Back in 5th grade at San Francisco Elementary School, she and her bully friends made fun of Tran's hair covered in egg-yolk when he was 9 in fourth grade in the hallway, in the auditorium and in the lunchroom. He tried to get it out, but the bullies kept on teasing him so he had to talk to Principal Livingston right away. After that, Principal Livingston expelled Jack from San Francisco Elementary School forever which made Sara upset and Macy told her to calm down.

Halloween School Bus MassacreEdit


While Sara finds a lake, a group of zombie kids begin to rise out. She and her friends scream in horror and they start running. Sara tries to escape, but before she can reach the elevator with the other three, Sara trips and falls and lands on her back. Dragged away with chains as part of her costume to be killed and devoured, she screams in horror and pleads her friends to save her with her last line "Help me! Help me!" when Macy screams in horror. She is then eaten alive leaving only her head which is ripped off and thrown away after her friends realize it's too late to save her. Her family later mentions her after the movie.