Sasha Thomas

Sasha Thomas appears as a victim in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend.

Get away from the Volcano Before it EruptsEdit

Sasha Thomas is a 19-year-old college student at Pendleton University and has a sex column on the campus WZAB radio.

She devours every issue of Cosmo which she refers to as her Bible.

She is dating Parker and is a friend of Natalie Simon, Damon Brooks and Brenda Bates.

Sasha is generally sexual and flirty in her behavior which puts her in the category of sexually misbehaving girl.

She is the 6th victim of the Urban Legend killer Brenda.

Brenda's motive for killing Sasha is nothing particularly personal save for her secret dislike of her personality and behavior, and also because that she was a close friend of Natalie, who had accidentally killed Brenda's loving boyfriend David.

Sasha is killed at the WZAB campus station and her death is heard over the air at the Stanley Hall Massacre party at Parker's, Reese's patrol car and over any radio tuned onto that station.

Natalie hears the first whimpering sounds of Sasha's attack at Parker's and immediately departs for the station.

However, Reese hears the attack halfway through in her car and by the time she arrives, she is already dead. Natalie arrived only moments before and got to witness Sasha at the window being killed before her.

Sasha's death is relatively unseen as the battle axe that takes her life is seen coming down constantly, but is never shown actually touching her flesh to the audience.

By the swipe patterns of the weapon you can easily figure that her head(As she was crouching down while stabbed) was split in half and her head was severed by the final third side swipe.

Just before that, Sasha is seen pleading with the killer that she does not want to die.

Sasha is seen after the opening sequence in which Michelle Mancini is killed, at the radio station attending a sexually troubled girl (Felicia) which she reads from her helpful broadcaster's card.

Sasha specializes in helping students with their private sexual problems and always had advice of what to do.

The callers heard throughout the film are: Jane, a sophomore who has been stealing her roommate's birth control pills and is wondering how to get a new roommate so late in the semester, and lastly, just before she is killed and the taping is put on playback by Brenda, a couple struggling with a new sexual position they were trying and left them stuck.

Sasha is also seen with the group when they are all sitting in the study lounge watching the TV report of Michelle's murder.

Sasha is seen at the campus library with Natalie after she is collecting her Encyclopedia of Urban Legends, which she reads from with her and confirms that the Gang High Beam Intiation is not a myth and happens often.

Sasha is also seen holding an early edition of Kama Sutra to practice on with Parker.

Sasha is seen at another study lounge meeting discussing Damon's death.

Sasha Thomas and Boyfriend Parker

Afterwards, she is seen at Parker's party briefly before departing with a woman for the radio station.

She is lastly seen being chased and killed by the hooded, axe carrying Brenda Bates.

I've got a Little WorkEdit

Sasha is also heard at the very beginning, before being introduced visually, on Michelle Mancini's radio before the latter puts in Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on.

Sasha later says at the first study lounge meeting that some girl told her she would have been listening to her show when her murder happened.
Urban Legend-tara

Sasha shortly before her death at Parker's party

She was correct.


  • Sarah Michelle Gellar accepted Sasha's role but had to back out due to schedule conflicts with Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was originally offered the role of Sasha, but turned it down to take part in Halloween: 20 Years Later.

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