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Scary maze game

The Scary Maze Game

The Exorcist Scary Maze Game

Nobody is afraid brain eaters, vampires or the werewolves anymore. Why would we? You see, Vampires are cute now days and soon enough we’ll probably be seeing a new TV show “Zombie Diaries” or something of the sort with all the brain eating drama. In fact, making vampires and other supernatural creatures look cute and “harmless” is the reason why we don’t find them scary anymore.

It’s not just Vampires. We’re not scared of werewolves either, or crazy serial killers because the internet and entertainment media is full of parodies of such creatures. Believe it or not, it is extremely difficult to find a scary movie these days, and not just movies, video games too. An average person with standard “horror experience” would have a hard time finding something scary today. This is when the good old Exorcist movie comes to help, Linda Blair in particular…

With help of scary maze game, a mere flash game prank spread on the internet like a flu virus, Linda scares thousands of people on daily basis without even knowing about it. A smart fellow Jeremy Winterrowd build an excellent prank game, the scary maze game, in which player has beat somewhat easy levels, 3 levels in total. The game requires focusing and concentration; The objective is to drive the red dot to the exit without touching walls, which is not an easy task to accomplish without a proper focus. When the third, final level is reached, maze walls get even narrower and it gets particularly difficult to reach the exit, thus making a player concentrate even harder and this is when the Linda Blair image from the Exorcist pops up screaming her lungs out and scaring a prank victim to the shock. You can play the Scary Maze Game at Scary Maze World website and also find more pranks / less obvious ones in case you're potential victim already knows about SMG.

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