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Scream 5 is a possible upcoming sequel to the fourth installment.


  • Both Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven said, that they are contracted for the film.
  • Neve Campbell and David Arquette have expressed interest in reappearing in this film.
  • Kevin Williamson confirmed, that Scream 5 will be a continuation of the fourth one, which means it will carry on from the events of it.
  • However, no one has been fully confirmed for this movie and it's unknown, if it will be filmed or not.
  • Since Kirby Reed's fate was never revealed in the fourth installment, it is possible, that Hayden Panettiere will reprise her role as Kirby in the fifth one.
  • Marley Shelton, who portrayed Judy Hicks in the fourth installment, is rumored to return for the fifth. [4]
  • Duane Martin, who portrayed Joel Jones in the second installment, is rumored to return for the fifth. [5]
  • Johnny Simmons, Tiya Sircar, and Alex Sander are all possibly candidates to appear in Scream 5. [6]
  • Paul Maso is rumored to play a character named David. [7]

Notes and References

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  8. On note 5, Kirby is said to might of return. Paramedics would have found her and saved her and her appearance would have been shown at the end of the movie. The chances are 40% to 60%.

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