IMDb Rating
Shock Waves
Directed By
Produced By
Music By
Richard Einhorn

Produced By

Laurence Friedricks Enterprises

Release Date(s)
July 15, 1977
90 minutes
Preceded By

 Shock Waves (alternate titles: ​Almost Human (UK), Death Corpops​) is a 1977 horror movie written and directed by Ken Wiederhorn A group of tourists encounter aquatic Nazi Zomibes when they become It satrs Peter Cushing as a former SS commander Brooke Adams as a tourst and John Carradine as the captain of the tourst' boat.


The fim opens as Rose is found drifting alone in a small rowboat Two fishermen find it and pull her onto their own boat barely alive and in a horrible state Her voiceover indicates she had been rescued from some terrifying experience and the film's events are flashbacks of it.

Rose is part of a group of trourists on a small comercial bota. The Captain and his mate, Keith, share an attraction with Rose. Also on board are Dobbs, who is the boat's cook; Chuck, another tourist; and a bickering married couple named Norman and Beverly. After trouble with the engine, the navigation system goes haywire when they encounter a strange orange haze. The others sense that something is worng. Norman in particular becomes abrasive. In the darkness of night, a hulking ship suddenly appears sideswipes their boat. The Captain sends up a flare, which momentarily lights up the eerie sight of a huge, rotting vessel wrecked nearby.

The next morning, eveyone wakes to find the Captain missing Realizing the boat is slowly taking on water, everyone evacuates in the lifeboat and makes for a nearby island. They see the huge wreck in the light of day; it appears to have been there for decades, nothing more than a skeletal framework, and now seemingly immoblie, stranded on the island's reef. The group is startled to find the body of the Captain, apparently drowned whlie he was trying to check the underside for damage They. explore the island and discover a large, rundown hotel. At first they think it is deserted, but they discover a reclusive old man living there.

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