IMDb Rating
Silent Night
Silent night
You Better Watch Out
Directed By
Steven C. Miller
Produced By
Shara Kay,
Phyllis Laing,
Richard Saperstein,
Brian Witten
Written By
Jayson Rothwell
Malcom McDowell,
Jaime King,
Ellen Wong,
Brendan Fehr
Music By
Kevin Riepl
Joseph White
Editing By
Seth Flaum

Distributed By
Anchor Bay Films
Release Date(s)
November 30, 2012
94 minutes
United States

Silent Night is a 2012 horror film, written by Jayson Rothwell and directed by Steven C. Miller. It is a loose remake of a classic 80s horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Plot Edit

Aubrey Bradimore (Jamie King), the deputy of a small Midwestern town is forced to hunt for a serial killer on Chistmas Eve. With the help of the smart ass Sheriff Cooper (Malcolm McDowell), gossipy secretary Brenda (Ellen Wong), and the inept Deputy Giles (Andrew Cecon), Deputy Bradimore must track a Santa Clause killer during the small town's Christmas Eve Santa parade, when half the town is dressed in the same costume as the killer. Suspects begin to add up as Aubrey investigates; including Mayor Revie, his porn star daughter Tiffany and her boyfriend Dennis, despicable Reverend Madeley, and the snarky Santa Jim (Donal Logue). As the killer begins pursuing the naughty citizens in the town, the body count begins to rise. Will Deputy Bradimore discover the killer's identity before the murderer gets to her?

Body Count Edit

  • Alana Roach- Dismembered
  • Deputy Jordan- Electrocuted with busted Christmas lights until his eyes burst
  • Mrs. Morwood's daughter- Electrocuted with a cattle prod and impaled with a fireplace poker
  • Goldie- Gutted with a scythe
  • Frank- Stabbed in the crotch with a scythe and then butchered offscreen
  • Maria- Leg chopped off, then thrown in a tree farm wood chipper
  • Reverend Madeley- Fingers cut off, then brutally stabbed to death
  • Stein Karsson- Shot in the head
  • Wife (In Flashback)- Burned alive with a flamethrower
  • Mayor Revie- Strangled with Christmas lights
  • Tiffany- Ankle sliced, then impaled on a pair of deer antlers
  • Dennis- Head split open with axe
  • Deputy Giles- Impaled in the face with a pipe
  • Mr. Bradimore- Gutted
  • Sheriff Cooper- Burned to death with flamethrower
  • Santa Jim- Beaten in the face with brass knuckles
  • Husband (In Flasback)- Shot to death by the cops

Cast Edit

  • Malcolm McDowell - Sheriff Cooper
  • Jaime King - Aubrey Bradimore
  • Ellen Wong - Brenda
  • Donal Logue - Santa Jim
  • Brendan Fehr - Deputy Jordan
  • Lisa Marie - Mrs. Morwood
  • Ali Tataryn - Alana Roach
  • Jessica Cameron - Nurse
  • Aaron Hughes - Frank
  • Courtney-Jane White - Tiffany
  • Erik J. Berg - Dennis
  • Cortney Palm - Maria
  • Mike O'Brien - Stein Karsson
  • Rick Skene - Ronald Jones, Jr.
  • John B. Lowe - Dad

Trailer Edit

Silent Night - Trailer01:45

Silent Night - Trailer

External links Edit

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