Skye Rotter. Daughter of vicious serial killer Charles "Charlie" Rotter, or known in the business "Lord of the Rink." Skye's best and only friend Derek was killed by her father in the second part of the horror series.

In the first film she was a social outcast and joke to everyone, especially Madison Penrose. She is the lover of Brigg, Madison's ex-boyfriend. She is constantly the blame for the deaths of innocent people because she's the spawn of Charlie.

In the second film it was discovered her mother abandoned her to save her own life while at the time being pregnant. She also discovered to have a younger sister, Alex, who is also Charlie's daughter. Skye is an artist who uses nightmares of her dad to create some of her best work

Because of her identity and afraid of another repeat of history, she is blackmailed occasionally. She has moved from living with her parents to her aunt to her mother, sister, and mother's husband, to living with Brigg and his parents. She goes to a college for art in the third installment.

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