IMDb Rating
Spiders II: Breeding Ground
Spiders II
Directed By
Gary Jones
Produced By

Boaz Davidson Danny Dimbort Avi Lerner Danny Lerner Trevor Short

David Varod
Written By

Stephen David Brooks

Boaz Davidson

Stephanie Niznik Greg Cromer

Daniel Quinn
Music By
Serge Colbert

Peter Belcher

Plamen Somov
Editing By
Irit Raz

Release Date(s)
9 May 2001
96 minutes
United States
Spiders II: Breeding Ground is an American science fiction/horror film of the predatory animal subgenre. It was directed by Gary Jones.


Alexandra (Stephanie Niznik) and Jason (Greg Cromer) are rescued at sea by a passing ship that happens to be the floating laboratory of crazed Dr. Grbac (Richard Moll). This is very bad news for the healthy young couple as the nutty doctor implants spider eggs in the bodies of humans to create giant spiders; Jason is next, unless Alex can defeat Grbac and a horde of escaped spiders.


  • Stephanie Niznik as Alexandra
  • Greg Cromer as Jason
  • Daniel Quinn as Captain Jim Bigelow
  • Richard Moll as Dr. Grbac
  • Harel Noff as Simmons
  • Yuri Safchev as Monroe (as Yuri Savchev)
  • Dimiter Kuzov as Garibaldi
  • Miroslava Bonjeva as Carolyn
  • Peter Antonov as Fernando
  • Velimer Velev as Mime / Spider
  • Gerald Henderson as Waiter
  • Velizar Binev as The Doctor (uncredited)

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