The Angry Princess
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Known aliases
Dana Newman (name in life)
Year of birth
Mid-late 20th century
Year of death
Late 20th century
Portrayed by

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The Angry Princess is the ghost of Dana Newman, and the sixth ghost in the Black Zodiac.



Dana was incredibly beautiful, but unable to recognise her beauty. Her self-loathing and low self-esteem from which doctors tried to save her was only fueled by her abusive boyfriends, and led to her having breast implants, nose jobs, and countless other unnecessary procedures.

One night, while Dana was alone in the clinic, she tried to perform surgery on herself due to an imaginary imperfection on her face, but the unorthodox procedure went horribly awry, and left her blinded in one eye.

She committed suicide in the bathtub by slashing herself with a butcher's knife until she bled to death.

After DeathEdit

Following her death, Dana's earth-bound spirit was captured by Cyrus to become the Angry Princess. The Angry Princess was then moved to the basement of the house.

Moss encountered the Angry Princess in her containment cube in the basement, remarking "nice tits" at her, which visibly angered her.

When the machine was unintentionally activated by Moss, the Angry Princess was the first ghost to be released. She advanced menacingly on Moss for mocking her earlier, but simply watched as he was sliced in half between two sliding glass doors. The Angry Princess then left the basement and watched Kathy with envy of how that could have been her in life.

Angry Princes

The symbol of the Angry Princess

Later, when Dennis and Maggie were lost in the basement, the Angry Princess attacked and almost killed Maggie.

Later, a Latin chant caused the Angry Princess, along with the other 11 ghosts, to go to the centre of the machine and power it up. When the Angry Princess and the other ghosts were freed from Cyrus's trance, they threw Cyrus into a rotating crest of rings.

When the house exploded, destroying its walls, all twelve ghosts escaped the house and into the woods.


  • According to the subtitles, the whispers which signal the Angry Princess's approach are her whispering "I'm sorry."
  • Usually, an area that the Angry Princess is currently present at is covered in blood (visible only through spectral viewers), most notably her containment cube and the bathroom.
  • In the bathroom scene, "I'm sorry" is written in blood on the floor.