The Black Party, also known as The Night of the Party, is an event, that happened in 1999 in the house of Mark Bing to celebrate the success of the football team. There Rachel Lang is set up by the football team members and cheerleaders in order to humilia
Carrie 2 La Ira Katt Shea 1999 (51)
te her to the core. The football team members do it because of her cooperation with the authorities regarding  Lisa Parker's suicide, which did put the football team in an endangered position and the cheerleaders, because they wanted Jesse back for Tracy. It succeeded, because they managed to separate Jesse from her through Tracy, but they didn't know about Rachel's telekinesis. She snaps because of it and, in retaliation, she slaughtered most of the party goers and the ringleaders in cold blood without remorse. She later kills Tracy, when she went to the party with Jesse.

She dies there, too.