Susan LeGrow/The Bound Woman
[[Image:3. The Bound Woman|240px|]]
Known aliases
Susan LeGrow (name in life)
Known relatives
Mr. LeGrow
Mrs. LeGrow
Year of birth
Mid-Late 20th century
Year of death
Mid-Late 20th century
Portrayed by

The Bound Woman is the ghost of Susan LeGrow, and the third ghost in the Black Zodiac.



Susan was privileged, a cheerleader at her school, and her parents were the richest people in town. Thus, she was the most popular girl at school.

However, Susan also had a highly defining feature; her infidelity, which left many of Susan's ex-boyfriends heartbroken. Her friends warned her she would regret it someday, but she didn't listen, and sealed her fate.

During the school prom, Susan dated the captain of the school football team, Chad Walters, and, like all her ex-boyfriends, she cheated on him with another.

But when Chad discovered this, Susan finally had her comeuppance when Chad clubbed her new boyfriend to death, tied Susan up, strangled her with his tie, and buried her body under the 20-yard line of the school football field.

Bound Woman

The symbol of the Bound Woman

After DeathEdit

Following her death, Susan's earth-bound spirit was captured by Cyrus to become the Bound Woman.

The Bound Woman was then moved to the basement of the house.

The Bound Woman was the second ghost to be released. Right after her release, the Bound Woman lured Bobby into the basement, and approached him from behind, scaring him off.

Later, a Latin chant caused the Bound Woman, along with the other 11 ghosts, to go to the centre of the machine and power it up.

When the Bound Woman and the other ghosts were freed from Cyrus's trance, they threw Cyrus into a rotating crest of rings.

When the house exploded, destroying its walls, all twelve ghosts escaped the house and into the woods.


  • The Bound Woman's hands are almost always tied behind her back. However, when she and the other ghosts kill Cyrus, her hands are untied.

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