IMDb Rating
The Brain Eaters
Directed By
Produced By
Ed Nelson
Written By
Gordon Urquhart
Ed Nelson
Alan Jay Factor
Cornelius Keefe
Joanna Lee
Jody Fair
Music By
Tom Jonson
Lawrence Raimond
Editing By
Carlo Lodato

Produced By
Corinthian Production
Release Date(s)
60 mintues
Flag of the United States United States

The Brain Eaters is a 1958 independently made American black-and-white science fiction-horror film, produced by Ed Nelson (and Roger Corman, uncredited), and directed by Bruno VeSota. The film stars Nelson, Alan Jay Factor, and Joanna Lee and includes a brife appearance by Leonard Nimoy (name misspelled in film credits as "Leonard Nemoy"). The Brain Eaters was released by American International Pictures in different markets on a double bill with either Earth vs. the Spider or Terror from the Year 500.


A team of local scientists discover alien parasites when they investigate a mysterious, three-story-tall, cone-like object that has appeared outside of town. It becomes obvious that the parasites' first victims, whose minds have been taken over, are the town's leading citizens


  • Ed Nelson as Dr. Paul Kettering
  • Alan Jay Factor as Glenn Cameron
  • Cornelius Keefe as Senator Walter K. Powers
  • Joanna Lee as Alice Summers
  • Jody Fair as Elaine Cameron
  • David Hughes as Dr. Wyler
  • Robert Ball as Dan Walker
  • Greigh Phillips as the Sheriff
  • Orville Sherman as Mayor Cameron
  • Leonard Nimoy as Professor Cole

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