"Here comes... Breather!"

The Breather with his trademark gloves


The Breather is the main antagonist of the movie Student Bodies. He's a comedic killer who kills teenagers in funny and extraordinary ways. In the movie his face is never seen but his trademark garden gloves were worn by other characters both major and minor.

In the movie his glove covered hands is the only thing that is seen throughout the movie together with his iconic heavy panting and breathing, hence the name The Breather. Like any slashers in famous slasher movies, Breather has deep hatred for youngsters having sex.

Because the movie is a comedy spoof, Breather kills his victims in exaggerating ways. Like using paper clips to kill a lady in her bed. He also used a chalk eraser to choke one of his victims and a horse-head bookened to smash another women's face. In the way he kills male victims is different. He stuffs them in garbage bags to suffocate them to death.

His identity is a mystery, because of this some characters are framed as him. Breather also has a habit of calling the authorities to know about their doing and if they have any clue of who he really is. While calling he always talks to the phone through a rubber chicken, nobody knows if its for comedy or for him to change his voice.

Some characters are mistakened to be him because in the movie a lot of these characters wore his trademark gloves.


  • His iconic breathing is still heard in movies and radio shows.
  • In the movie Scary Movie 4, during a boxing fight, Cindy Campbell tried to punch back at her opponent but misses only to end up falling down. At first she was going to crash to the soft canvass, but Breather, making his cameo appearance, puts a stool to where Cindy is about to fall. But her husband saves her by sacrificing himself and tripping in the process, getting his neck broken on the stool and causing chain reaction that resulted to deaths.

Victims Edit

Student Bodies Edit

  1. Miss Mumsley by Many unusual objectsin chest
  2. Scott by Garbage bags in suffocuted off-screen
  3. Patti Priswell by Killed in horse toy
  4. Wheels by Garbage bags in suffocuted
  5. Mawamba by Killed
  6. Julie by Garbage bags in suffocuted off-screen
  7. Ms. Leclair by Soap in mouth off-screen
  8. Hardy by Garbage bags in suffocuted off-screen
  9. Nurse Krud by Killed
  10. Charles Ray by Suffocuted off-screen
  11. Sheriff by Beaten with snall anvil
  12. Malvert the Janitor by Found dead
  13. Toby Badger by Strangled off-screen