IMDb Rating
The Deadly Mantis
Directed By
Nathan Juran
Produced By
William Alland
Written By
William Aland
William Lava
Craig Stevens
William Hopper
Alix Talton
Pat Conway
Music By
Irving Gerts
William Lava

The Deadly Mantis is a 1957 horror film American Universal Studios produed by William Alland and directed by Nathan H. Juran and starred by Craig Stevens, William Hopper, Alix Talton and Pet Conway.


A sudden geologic shift in the Arctic frees a 200-foot-loog prehistoric praying mantis from a glacier in which it had bacome frozen alive. A United States military outpost on the DEW Line, commanded by Col. Parkeman (Stevens), becomes the center for investigation after the creature destroys a trans plane. The only clue to the culprit (which has not yet been seen by anyone who's lived) is a fragment os the mantis' claw, which is sent to Washington D.C. where a young paleontologist, Dr. Ned Jackson (Hopper) identifies its origin and sets off, with his photographer-aide Marge Blane (Talton), to assist the investigation.

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