IMDb Rating
The Giant Gila Monster
Directed By
Ray Kellog
Produced By
Ken Curtis B.R. McLendon Gordon Mc Lendon
Don Sullivan
Fred Graham
Lisa Simon
Shug Fisher
Bob Thompson
Music By
Jack Marshall
Wilferd M. Cline
Editing By

Produced By
McLendon-Radio Pictures Distrinuting Company
Release Date(s)
June 15, 1959
74 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
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The Giant Gila Monster is a 1959 horror film directed by Ray Kellog starring Fred Graham.

Plot Edit

The movie opens with a young couple, Pat Wheeler (Grady Vaughn) and Liz Humphries (Yolansa Salas), parked in a bleak, rural locale overlooking a ravine. A giant gila monster attacks the car, sending it into the ravine and killing the couple. Later, some friends of the couple decide to assist the local sheriff (Fred Graham) in his search for the missing teens. Chase Winstead (Sullivan), a young mechanic and hot rod racer, locates the crashed car in the ravine and finds evidence of the giant lizard. However, it is only when the hungry reptile attacks a train (a model train set substituted as a low-budget effect) that the authorities realize they are dealing with a (roughly) 70-foot poisonous lizard. By this time, emboldened by its attacks and hungry for prey, the creature attacks the town. It heads for the local dance hall, where the town's teenagers are gathered for a sock hop. However, Chase packs his prized hot rod with nitroglyerin and rigs it to speed straight into the monster, terminating the lizard in a fiery explosion and heroically saving the town.

Cast Edit

List of deaths Edit

List of deaths in the film, The Giant Gila Monster

  • Pat Wheeler - Giant Gila Monster
  • Liz Humphries - Giant Gila Monster
  • Mr. Winstead - N/A
  • Hitchhicer - Giant Gila Monster
  • Mr. Compton - Giant Gila Monster
  • Train Conductor - Giant Gila Monster
  • Mrs. Blackwell - Giant Gila Monster
  • Giant Gila Monster - Chase Winstead

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Production Edit

Followed by film 1959 is a The Killer Shrews.

Home media Edit

Horror Classics 50 Movie Pack DVD box set, The Giant Gila Monster as The Killer Shrews by Legend Films.

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