The Kappas
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The Kappas were a university-based cult group, residing in the fraternity led by Miss Margot and minor antagonists in the Syfy TV film American Horror House. They are first seen in the first half of the film as they capture and kidnap Daria and three friends of hers, Missy, Cayley, and Sarah and bring them to their sorority and their leader Colleen who tasks the four girls into sneaking into a rival fraternity and to steal their mascot, a century old bear costume, the catch being all four girls having to go in their underwear, to distract the fratenrity members while one girl, Daria sneaks into the house and successfully steals the bear costume, running into a member of the fraternity who allows Daria to take the costume. Afterwards, the girls return to the Kappas' house where they are tasked into staying and keeping guard of the house while the Kappas attend Miss Margot's Halloween party. After a while, the Kappas, Daria and her friends and the partygoers are killed by Miss Margot and members of her ghostly army of which they themselves become members.