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Mmorgue (1)
This astoundingly graphic zombie shocker from cult director Jorge Grau is stylishly presented for it's type. No cannibal holocaust-style film grain is present here; instead, the cinematography of the countryside is gorgeous to say the least. Using a narrative similar to that in Romero's Night Of The Living Dead, Grau's movie involves a plot revolving around a government-developed pesticide that accidentally reawakens the corpses present in a Manchester morgue.

Alternate TitlesEdit

This particular zombie film is known by many titles. This is the complete list:

  • No profanar el sueño de los muertos
  • Non profanare il sonno dei morti
  • Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
  • Don't Open the Window
  • Da dove vieni?
  • The Living Dead
  • Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue
  • Breakfast With the Dead
  • Brunch with the Dead
  • Weekend per i morti
  • Weekend with the Dead
  • Invasion der Zombies
  • Das Leichenhaus der Lebenden Toten
  • Levende Doden in het Lijkenhuis
  • Massacre des Morts-Vivants
  • Dejen que los Muertos Duerman
  • Zombi 3 - Da dove vieni?
  • Fin de semana para los muertos (shooting title)


The film was censored and even banned in some areas because of its alarmingly graphic gore (bowels are ripped apart, chests are torn open). The viscera displayed in the movie earned it a place on the infamous "video nasties" list and made it one of the most notorious of all Spanish horror films. The nauseating gut-chomping scenes are reduced in some DVD releases and extended in others.

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