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MC Dance of the Dead
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The MC is a character and one of the antagonist in the Masters of Horror 's episode, Dance of the Dead. He is played by Robert Englund. He originates from the short story, Dance of the Dead by Richard Matheson.


After World War III, the United States are ravaged, its economy had crashed and it also left people terminally ill. This all led to a dystopian society, where a large portion of the population has died off. In this dystopian society as this, some die, others just survive but the true opportunistic flurish . The MC was one of them. In the city of Muskeet, he opened a popular and notorious night club the Doom Room, where he organised "educational shows" with LUP's. Using junkies who have OD'ed and a loophole in the law allowing these strange demonstrations under the guise of scientific lectures, he made himself a name with infamous Dance of the Dead. In later years, he would perfect the LUP process, refining the drugs and using fresh blood to keep them going. Prior to the events of the film, one of his many visitor, Anna finally OD'ed when her mother Kate came for her once again. Having financial problems and seeing Anna as a burden, she decided to sell her body to the MC. It is unknown if she was aware of it at the time but as the MC would later point out, Anna was still alive and probably could still be saved. Later he would hire bikers to collect blood for him, paying them well for merchandise, if it met his standards.

Two of these bikers were Jak and Boxx, who frequently provide him with blood of fluctuating quality. They also brought with them a special guest: The 17 year old Peggy, Anna's sister. During the show, he brought forth a second LUP, which was Anna. After Peggy recognized her, Jak helped her to take her with them. Seeing his property stolen, The MC followed them with one of the henchman. He quickly confronted Jak and Peggy, as well as Kate. After Jak shot his henchman, The MC played in cool, asking the young man what he thought he was doing, before picking up the gun. With glee, he revealed how he got Anna, before being attacked by Kate. Not impressed with this attempt on his life, he hit her with the gun, knocking her down. He continued by making a deal with Peggy, exchanging Anna's corpse for Kate's life, using her as his newest LUP.


The MC is an opportunistic man and a good businessman. He combines his sense of business and complete disregard for morals with his talent for theatatrics. He is the announcer in his night club and often uses profanity and slurs to rally up his customers. For his shows, he uses or buys the corpses of recently deceaced female junkies, desecrating them for his and his audience amusement. One multiple occasions, he have shown that he is a necrofiliac as he uses the reanimated bodies of some of his "dancers" as sex toys.  The MC is known for being quite dominant in a conversation, and has shown discontent for people who mock him or don't meet his expectations. He has also no problem with hitting women and humiliating them.  He is however embarassed by his hemoptysis, although he tries to hid this. Despite his dominant nature, he is smart enough to realise when he has to use diplomacy instead of brute force and when it is better to make a deal, than to simply take something.


The MC is a middle aged man with sleek hair and is slightly obese. He dresses himself in a grey pants that is hold up by suspenders as well as white shirt. During his performance, he often wears an old vagrant coat and scarf. He is often seen holding a cut plastic bottle as a cup with an unknown liquid in it.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The MC is quite intelligent and knows how to manipulate people. He is able to convince people to sell their own family members to him, so he can use their bodies in his twisted shows. He also appears to be quite the skilled chemist and scientist as he seemingly manifacture the drugs that creates LUP's himself and discovered ways to let the LUP's last longer.

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