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IMDb Rating
The Man Without a Body
Directed By
Chares Saunders
W. Lee Wilder
Produced By
Guido Goen
Written By
Willider Goen
Robert Hutton
George Goulouris
Julia Arnall
Music By
Albert Elms
Bredndan J. Stafford
Editing By
Tom Simpon

Produced By
Filmplays Ltd.
Distributed By
Release Date(s)
May, 1957 UK
80 minutes
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
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​The Man Without a Body ​(also known as ​Curse of Nostradamus​) is a low budget 1957 British horror film directed by Charles Saunders and W. Lee Wilder and starring Roert Hutton, George Coulouris and Julia Arnall. The screenplay concerns a wealthy man who pays a surgeon to replace his brain with that of Nostradamus. The film was released theatrically in England in 1957, and in the U.S. in 1958 on a double bill with the Japanese film Half Human.


A finacier secures the embalmed head if sixteeth-century French seer Nostradamus and persuades an esteemed surgeon to restore its tissues and substitute the brain for his own whichis threatened by tumour. The financier being avaricious, also desires the seer to give him the power of prediction in business.


  • Robert Hutton - Dr. Phil R. Merritt
  • George Coulouris - Karl Brussard
  • Julia Arnall - Jean Cramer
  • Nadja Regin - Odette Vernet
  • Sheldon Lawrence - Dr. Lew Waldenhouse
  • Peter Copley - Leslie
  • Michael Golden - Michel de Notre Dame (Nostradamus)
  • Norman Shelley - Dr. Alexander
  • Stanley Van Beers - Madame Tussaud's Guide
  • Tony Quinn - Dr. Brandon
  • Maurice Kaufmann - Chauffeur
  • William Sherwood - Dr. Charot
  • Edwin Ellis - Publican
  • Donald Morley - Stock Broker
  • Frank Forsyth - Detective
  • Kim Parker - Maid Suzanne
  • Ernest Bale - Custom's Officer


The film was partly financed from the NFFC. The directing credit was shared between Wilder and Saunders to ensure funding from the Eady levy although in reality Wilder did most of the directing. Shooting look place over three weeks.


The film was released on a double bill with the Japanese film Half Human (1958).

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