The Shallows is a 2016 horror/thriller film which stars Blake Lively as the main actor. It tells the story about a surfer, having witness to do survival after a great white shark attack.


Shortly after the death of her mother, Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) goes to a public beach for summer vacation. She is seen inside a truck. In that truck, she is driven by a man named Carlos. Arriving at the beach, Carlos drops her off, as Nancy spots 2 surfers in the water. She starts surfing after getting out her surfboard. Then, Nancy meets up with the 2 surfers, and they do a line up contest. Nancy arrives back at the beach, and gets out her cellphone. After getting out her phone, Nancy facetimes her sister, Chloe. She also facetimes her dad. Nancy gets back into the ocean, and suddenly, she notices a dead humpback whale carcass 20 miles from shore. After seeing it from a distance, she encounters several dolphins that jump near her. Nancy heads closer to the whale, and sees it has bite marks on it, indicating that a Shark had been in it for a while. She continues surfing, and heads away from the whale. While surfing, a large great white shark emerges from behind her, and knocks Nancy off her board. Nancy tries to get back on her board, but her leg ends up getting bitten by the shark. She swims to the whale, to avoid the shark's attack. Nancy crawls on the whale before the shark rams it from underneath. Then, she ends up stranded on a rock.