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Tim Carpenter was a character in the movie Final Destination 2. He was one of the few survivors of the highway pile-up, along with his mother, Nora. Though the second-last to die in the pile-up, right before Evan Lewis, he was the second survivor to die.

Personality Edit

Though an innocent kid, and not getting much screen time to develop, Tim seems to lead quite a childish lifestyle for a fifteen-year-old, as he still lives with and is mostly taken care of by his mother. He and Nora shared a very deep relationship, shown when Nora was scarred by his early demise.

Role Edit

Tim and Nora are shown driving in a van. During Kimberly's premotion, Nora attempts to stop before they could crash, but a water bottle gets stuck underneath the pedal, causing them to collide with another car. Later on that night, Nora is shown tucking Tim in, and tells him that they are going to visit a dentist the next day. Unknown to them, Evan Lewis, the first victim, has already died, and Tim is the next in line. While at the doctor's, Tim almost suffocates when a rubber toy falls into his mouth, but the doctor takes it out in time. Afterwards, Tim scares away a bunch of pigeons, standing right above a giant piece of glass. When Kimberly and Thomas rush to warn the duo, they accidentally shove a constructonn worker who pulls on a lever, which releases the glass crashing onto Tim. His death deeply scars Nora, who dies shortly after.

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