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Titus Telesco was the dreadlocked, dirty pothead residing on the resort.



Name: Titus Telesco

Gender: Male

Age: 28 Died: 1998 Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:

Titus and the Hook:


Stabbed in hand via hook and chest punctured by pruning shears

Known Relatives:

Mr. Telesco,

Mrs. Telesco

Status: Deceased

Portrayed By: Jack Black


[[Know What You Did Last Summer]]

He was friends with fellow tendant Darick and was disliked by the guests for his appereance offputting behaviour and hygiene.

Titus was portrayed, though uncredited, by Jack Black.


It's All GoodEdit

Titus offered Julie and friends many opportunities to party with him, but like all the other guests, was declined.

Titus resided in the pool generator room where he set up his Marijuana bushell and would secretly stash them beneath the boiler.

Titus later fell victim to the Fisherman Ben inside the room via its utensils.

Titus and DarickEdit

Titus offers Darick moments before his demise to party with him, Darick being responsabile and tired declines.

Titus and Darick were the only friends among the faculty except for Darick's acquaintance with manager Brooks.

Titus and KarlaEdit

Karla tells Titus of personal problems and finds great fun mocking him and he stalks her to the jacuzzi area at one vital point.


Titus is killed in the pool generator room about to light his bong.

however the fisherman who foresaw from the backwindow enters and first pins his hand to the table with hook and then selects a gardening implement from the back.

His choosing the pruning shears which he lodges in Titus' chest as his lards words pass "It's All Good"

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