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Tommy Jarvis
Known aliases: N/A
Location: Crystal Lake
Known relatives: Mrs. Jarvis (mother;deceased)
Trish Jarvis (sister)
Year of birth: 1972
Year of death: N/A
Signature weapon: Machete
First appearance: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
Portrayed by: Corey Feldman
John Shepherd
Thom Mathews

Tommy Jarvis is a character in the Friday the 13th franchise. He is one of the most recurring characters in the series, having appeared in three consecutive films. He is also widely considered to be the archenemy of the undead mass murderer Jason Voorhees, having faced and defeated him twice and survived both encounters, a feat that very few, if any, have repeated.


First encounter with JasonEdit

Tommy was born in 1972 to Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis; by the time he was twelve, he developed a liking for making his own masks and make-up effects. Tommy was forced to fight for his life when Jason once again returned to Crystal Lake on his killing sprees, threatening both him and his older sister Trish. After an extensive chase, Tommy shaves his head and makes himself up to look like a young Jason, distracting him long enough for Trish to attempt to kill him with his own machete. Though she fails, Tommy takes up the machete and impales Jason through the eye, mortally wounding him. When Jason still showed some signs of life, Tommy lost control and desperately hacked away at his body to ensure his death, much to Trish's horror[1].


Tommy Jarvis Part V

Tommy is transported to the Pinehurst Halfway House.

Tommy loses control

Tommy is driven over the edge and attacks Pam Roberts with a knife.

Unfortunately, however, Tommy was left mentally scarred and spent the next four years of his life in and out of various mental institutions, suffering from constant nightmares and hallucinations of the killer. Showing signs of progress, Tommy was transferred to the Pinehurst Halfway House under the watch of Pam Roberts in the hopes that he would eventually reenter society. Unfortunately, after a brutal incident at the halfway house, local ambulance driver Roy Burns took on the guise of Jason and embarked on a killing spree as revenge for the death of his son; in the wake of this, Tommy began to lose his grip on reality. Ultimately, Tommy killed Roy in self-defense and exposed his true identity; nonetheless, this event seemed to push him over the edge, leading him to attack Pam while donning Roy's hockey mask[2]; fortunately, however, Pam managed to return Tommy to his senses and help him recover before things went too far[3].

Jason's ReturnEdit

Tommy Jarvis Part VI

An adult Tommy sets out to finish Jason once and for all.

Sometime later, Tommy escaped from the mental hospital. Intent on cremating Jason's body to finally rid himself of his demons, traveled to Eternal Peace Cemetery with his friend Hawes to do so. Upon arrival, Tommy and Hawes proceeded to dig Jason's corpse up; at the sight of his old enemy, Tommy flew into a rage and impaled Jason's body with a steel fence post before contemptuously throwing the killer's hockey mask into the coffin. Unfortunately, the metal rod acted as a conductor for an incoming lightning storm, and Jason was brought back from the dead when his corpse was struck by lightning, more powerful than ever before. Tommy fled the cemetery in horror, but not before Jason ripped Hawes' heart out and threw his body into his own exhumed coffin.

Fleeing to Crystal Lake, now renamed Forest Green to distance itself from negative publicity, Tommy attempted to warn the sheriff, Mike Garris, of Jason's return; unfortunately, Garris, aware of Tommy's troubled past, wrote him off as disturbed and put him in a cell for the night. When Jason began his killing spree anew, only Garris' own daughter, Megan, believed Tommy's claims. When Garris attempted to escort Tommy out of town, Tommy fled en route to the cemetery to try and show Garris Jason's open grave, only to discover that the groundskeeper, fearful of being implicated for digging up the grave due to his alcoholism, had covered the grave (and, consequently, Hawes's body) with dirt. Fed up, Garris handcuffed Tommy and took him to the city limits, warning him not to return.

Nonetheless, Tommy contacted Megan for help, having researched occult books and discovered a way to defeat Jason: he could be incapacitated by being trapped beneath the surface of the lake where he originally drowned as a child. Meanwhile, the pile of bodies that Jason had accumulated in the meantime only convinced the police that Tommy himself, acting out a delusion of Jason's return, was the killer. However, after pursuing Tommy and Megan to Camp Crystal Lake, Sheriff Garris and his deputies were attacked by Jason himself and killed. Nonetheless, Tommy managed to lure Jason out to the middle of the lake and chain him to a boulder; in the ensuing skirmish, Jason managed to drag Tommy under and apparently drown him. Megan swam out into the lake to save Tommy and was likewise attacked by Jason, but she managed to fully incapacitate him by ramming a boat propeller into his face before swimming back to shore and reviving Tommy with CPR.

Sometime after chaining Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake, Tommy wrote at least six books about his life and Jason, one of the books being titled My Life of Hell: One Man's Fight Against Jason Voorhees. All the books were reviewed poorly, with Tommy being seen as little more than conscious-less cash-in.[4]

Nightmare Warriors (Comic Canon)Edit

Unfortunately, Jason eventually managed to escape his confinement in the lake. Studying Jason's resurrections, Tommy became increasingly obsessed with killing his old nemesis once and for all, acquiring a military-style Hummer and a variety of weaponry to do so. While attempting to track Jason down Jason, Tommy, on July 2, 2009, arrived late to the scene of Jason's latest victim - a girl named Caroline who was beheaded in her Franklin, Michigan home. Witnessing Caroline's boyfriend, Ash Williams, fleeing the scene as the police arrived Tommy followed him to Baltimore, Maryland under the belief that Jason would do the same. Tommy's assumption proves correct, with Jason attacking the home of Maggie Burroughs, who had gathered a support group for survivors of Jason and Freddy Krueger, shortly after Ash arrived. As Jason prepared to kill everyone in the house, Tommy crashed through the wall and rammed Jason with his Hummer, ordering everyone present to get in. When everyone did so, Tommy revealed his identity and sped away from the scene as Jason recovered.[5]

Taking his new companions to a nearby motel, Tommy made the claim that only he could kill Jason and advised everyone to stay out of his way, prompting him and Ash to butt heads. Afterwards, Tommy, unimpressed by Maggie's plan to use the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to destroy Jason and Freddy, abandoned the group, telling everyone to leave Jason to him. In the end, Tommy decapitated Jason with the help of Jason's grand-niece, Stephanie Kimble.[5]

Appearances Edit

Films Edit

  • 009)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Tommy was originally meant to become the antagonist and "new Jason" in all post-The Final Chapter entries in the series, with the ending of A New Beginning leading into it; however, the poor fan reception prompted the producers to bring Jason back[6].


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