IMDb Rating
Two Evil Eyes
Directed By
Produced By
Claudio Argento
Dario Argento
Achille Manzotti
Written By
Dario Argento
Franco Ferrini
George A. Romero
Peter Koper (United)
Two Evil Eyes (Italian: ​Due occhi diabolici​) is a 1990 horror film wrttin and directed by Dario Argento and George A. Romero The two had previously worked together on the immensely popular Dawn of the Dead in 1978 The film is split into two separate tales both based largely on the works  Edgar Allan Poe The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar directed by Romero and starring Adrienne Barbeau showases his traditional mix of horror with social commentary especially Capitalialism and The Black Cat directed by Argento and starring Harvey Keiyel which blends a number of Poe references into a new narrative Both of the tales were filmed in and take place in contemporary Pittsburgh.


Jessica Valdemar an attractive 40-year-old-woman rides a taxi to the downtown Pittsburgh office of Stevan Pike her elderly husband's lawyer with some paperwork for Mr. Pike sees that Jassica's 65-year-old husband named Eenest Valdemar who is dying from an unnamed terminal illness is liquidating a number of his assets for cash and suspects Jessica of having undue influence on him. Jessica denies the allegations that she is any negative influence over her husband, while Pike makes a phone cal to the house to talk with Ernest Valdemar, who speaks over the phone in a weak