IMDb Rating
It Has Nine Lives... You Only Have One!
Directed By
Greydon Clark
Produced By
Greydon Clark, Robert Michael Steloff, Douglas L. Witkins
Written By
Greydon Clark
Eric Larson, Toni Hudson
Music By
Dan Slider
Nicholas Josef von Sternberg
Editing By
Travis Clark, Tom Gunn

Release Date(s)
24 August 1988 (USA)
90 min
United States

Uninvited (also known as The Uninvited) is a 1988 American horror film written and directed by Greydon Clark and starring Eric Larson and Toni Hudson.


A bunch of young people are invited to a Caribbean cruise on a gangster's yacht, to distract the attention of the authorities. Unfortunately, a mutant cat which escaped from a test laboratory also gets on board, and kills most of the passengers.


  • Eric Larson as Martin
  • Toni Hudson as Rachel
  • Alex Cord as Walter Graham
  • George Kennedy as Mike Harvey
  • Clu Gulager as Albert
  • Clare Carey as Bobbie
  • Rob Estes as Corey
  • Shari Shattuck as Suzanne

Movie mistakesEdit

  • When the "cat" attacks a truck driver, the truck changes models in the crash footage.
  • Lance is shot in front of a large glass window, and is nicked in the arm. The window behind him is not broken.
  • Lance's bandage is soaked in the blood, despite the fact he was merely nicked.
  • Size of the cat mutant varies wildly in different scenes (gets larger, then smaller, then larger again) throughout the movie.
  • When the cat attacks the driver of the red pickup truck the puppeteer's arm is visible.
  • The boat seen during the "storm at sea" sequences is very clearly a toy model. A wire can briefly be seen pulling it down as it 'sinks.'


Uninvited Trailer01:14

Uninvited Trailer

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