IMDb Rating
Vampire Hunter D
[[Image:Vampire Hunter (1985 film) DVD cover|200px|]]
Directed By
Toyoo Ashida
Produced By
Hiroshi Kato
Mitsuhisa Koeda
Written By
Yasushi Hirano
Kaneto Shiozawa
Michie Tomizawa
Seizo Kato
Keiko Toda
Yusaku Yara
Music By
Tetsuya Komuro

80 Minutes
Vampire Hunter D is an anime horror film, based on the manga.


A young hunter named Doris Lang, daughter of a dead wolf hunter was hunting strange creatures one night, when a vampire named Count Magnus Lee appears and plans to make her his wife. The count confirms it by leaving a bite scar on her neck. Doris then meets with a mysterious vampire hunter named D. In town, the mayor's arrogant son, Greco attempts to swoon her but then finds out Doris is biten by the vampire. Dr. Fehring abolishes the plan to send Doris to a prison camp.

During an attempt to capture her, D fights off two superhumans named Rei Ginsei and Lamika, Count Lee's daughter. As D leaves to confront the count, Rei Ginsei and his goons kidnap Doris in order to make the count's wish come true. D manages to escape the catacombs and rescues Doris, while also slaying most of the count's allies.

Hearing this, Rei will not go home until D is slain. He first heads to a hotel and is presented with the Incense of Time candle. If D breathes it, he would be vulnerable. Rei tries again to kill D, but was given an ordinary candle and loses one of his hands. While Doris and Dr. Fehring attempt to find D, Fehring shows himself to be a vampire and is shortly after slain by Lamika. Greco shows his presence by using the candle to make Lamika suffer and first offers to marry Doris, but her brother Dan saves her at mere seconds.

Although he survived the fall, Greco tries to reason with Rei but is killed. With the Incense of Time Candle, D manages to make D suffer and thinks he has killed him. Despite this, Rei is denied being a nobleman for 50 more years. With Doris now under Count Lee's control, he intends to make her his bride. Dan fails to save her, but Greco stops his fall. As Greco moves to kill the count, he is executed. Just as Lee is about to successfully make Doris his bride, D arrives and fights the count in a final battle. With himself impaled on D's sword, Lee tries to use Doris to kill D, but she is freed at last by Dan. Lamika, now having had enough of bloodshed, declares it is the end of the house of Lee. Lamika also dies with her family as the castle crumbles.

That morning, Doris and Dan wave D off as he rides into the sunset.

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