Varan (バラン Baran?) is a reptilian kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1958 Toho film, Varan.

Name Edit

Varan's name comes from the scientific name Varanus, commonly known as the monitor lizard.

Appearance Edit

Varan has membranes between his legs, which he uses for gliding, like a flying squirrel. Varan also has a row of spikes on his back.

History Edit

Showa series Edit

Varan the Unbelievable Edit

After a pair of Japanese butterflies are found in Siberia, a team of scientists are sent to find out how they got there. A few of the scientists are killed, and the rest of the team finds a village that worships a god named Varan. The team of scientists go out to find a boy who is lost in the forest, but the villagers say they will anger Varan. One of the scientists persuades the villagers to go out to find the boy, but they are attacked by Varan. Varan attacks the village before returning to the lake he had come from. The military arrives and surrounds the lake, and they attack him when they lure him out. The attack has no effect, and the military uses light bombs to attract Varan to the top of a mountain. Varan reveals he can fly, and he glides into the ocean. Varan surfaces in Tokyo and attacks it. The military tries go stop him, but fails. Varan eats a truck filled with special gun powder, and it appears to harm him. The military releases light bombs filled with the gunpowder, and Varan eats them. One of the bombs explodes, and Varan retreats. Varan reaches the ocean when the second bomb explodes, and Varan is declared dead.

Destroy All Monsters Edit

In 1999, 41 years after the incident at Haneda airport, a small, possibly infantile Varan is found living on the human monitored Monsterland. When the Kilaaks take control of the island, and its inhabitants, Varan disappears as the alien invaders global assault is initiated. After the control is broken, Varan joins the other Earth monsters in the fight against King Ghidorah at Mount Fuji, although he does not participate directly in the conflict itself. Once the space demon is defeated, the spiked creature returns to Monsterland to live out his days with the rest of the kaiju.

Within the context of the film itself he is only seen gliding through the air prior to the fight against King Ghidorah, and in the last scene as a static model rather than as a suit.

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