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Wendy Christensen is the visionary in Final Destination 3 and one of the survivors of Devil's Flight. She is played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead.


Wendy lived in McKinley (Pennsylvania) with her sister Julie. She was lovers with Jason Wise, best friends with Carrie Dreyer and friends with Kevin Fischer, the boyfriend of Carrie. Wendy was the school photographer for the yearbook. She and her friends celebrated at the amusement park for their senior field trip. At the start of the film, Wendy admits on she slowly forms a caring relationship between herself and Kevin.


At the end of the movie, Wendy was reunited with Julie and Kevin on a subway train. Suddenly, Wendy had another premonition, this being of the train's derailment, which would kill Julie, Kevin, herself and everyone else on board. Wendy saw that after the crash, she would be the sole survivor. She would be in the middle of the tracks and not able to move because her leg was badly hurt in some way. A moment later, another subway train sped towards her and she screamed in terror as she was hit by the train.


  • In an alternate ending, Wendy was run over and splattered by a train and then the credits roll.
  • It should be noted that Wendy, Kevin and Julie all live in the novel
  • Alexis Bledel autitioned for the role of Wendy.
  • Wendy is one of two visionaries who sees a second major disaster. Other one is Nick O'Bannon from Final Destination 4. She sees the Train 081 crash and Nick sees the Springfield Centre Mall explosion although Nick was able to stop the disaster while Wendy couldn't
  • She is one of the female characters who haved premonitions. Another girl is Kimberly.

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